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Discussion of the Current, future and past UK filk [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
Discussion of the Current, future and past UK filk

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UK Filkcon 2012 [Feb. 7th, 2011|08:57 pm]
Discussion of the Current, future and past UK filk

Just to make it official, as a few people have mentioned it already:

The UK national filk convention for 2012 will be

Duple Time 2/4

(A Well Tempered Con)

at the Grantham Ramada Hotel, Grantham, UK (same place as the last few UK filkcons) from Friday 3rd February to Sunday 5th February.

Mary Crowell (US)
Lissa Allcock (UK)

Cost (for a few weeks, then it will go up):

Adult waged: UKP 32
Adult unwaged: UKP 24
Child (6 <= age <= 17): UKP 1 per year of age (so from UKP 6 to UKP 17)
Infant (under 6) / toy: UKP 1

Note that for age-related prices this will be the age at time of joining.

The costs above will be held until at least two weeks after online signup and payment go live (we hope; definitely until the end of February 2011). Prices will probably rise again nearer the con -- buy early, buy often!

http://www.contabile.org.uk (currently a simple placeholder -- thanks Mike! -- until I get more stuff on it, so bookmark it and check back occasionally)
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Route from Premier Inn to Ramada, Grantham [Jan. 22nd, 2011|03:57 pm]
Discussion of the Current, future and past UK filk

For people who may want to stay / be staying at the Premier Inn in Grantham, and walk to the Ramada for the filkcon, the following link (to Google Maps) shows how close they are. They say about 0.4 miles, call it half a mile actually from one hotel to the other.


(The Premier Inn is just off the bottom, below point A, and the Ramada is just above the top, point B, on my screen. Adjust the scale to fit...)
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Footloose Filker 2011 - Announcement [Oct. 24th, 2010|09:30 am]
Discussion of the Current, future and past UK filk

The UK Filk Fund (FF) committee have again decided that it would be a
good idea if some of the upcoming talented European Filkers were able to
come to the British Filk Convention so that they could benefit from
exposure to the wider circle of filkers present at the UK con and also
for UK filk fandom to get to meet some of the newer talent coming out of

To make this possible The FF offers a grant/bursary to one or two such
"Footloose Filkers" as such are identified and decided upon by the FF
committee. The grant is intended to cover the cost of travel to the
convention and the majority of the accommodation costs.
Next years convention organising committee have also allocated a free
membership and a short performance spot as part of the award.

Footloose Filkers will *not* be guests of the convention, rather they
will be there to learn more about filking and to gain experience in a
convention environment that is different from their home convention.

For the 23rd British Filk Convention (Cre2c3ndo) to be held in Grantham
from February 4th to 6th 2011 we are pleased to announce that Kamen has
been invited to be our "Footloose Filker".

Kamen lives in the bright frankonian city of Nürnberg, Germany.
She has a nearly four-year-old son and is studying book-science and
mediaeval literature. Most of her funtime she spends with Bollywood,
role-playing, writing, singing and music.

We hope you will enjoy meeting and listening to her and we look forward
to seeing Kamen at Cre2c3ndo.

For the FF Committee
Lissa Allcock & Colin Tuckley
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Vacancy: Team Captain [Feb. 1st, 2010|01:30 pm]
Discussion of the Current, future and past UK filk
A vacancy exists for a team captain in the Sunday afternoon silly games session at Van der Filk, hereinafter known as "I'm Sorry I Haven't A Clue Whose Line It Is, Just Filk With It Anyway 3: Have I Got Quite Interesting Buzzcocks?"

Duties of a team captain:
1. Mug two other people to be on your team;
2. Get your team to the rendezvous point (probably the green room or dealers' room) at least 15 minutes before the show starts, for pre-match briefing;
3. Restrain any of your team members who attempt to murder the chairperson or any member of the band, the opposing team, or the audience, no matter how justified such action may appear;
4. Accept the applause for your resounding victory / brickbats for your humiliating defeat.

Applications should be made in email to (my usual address), or in comments here, no later than OMGHELPTELLMEQUICK! =:o}

Paul B. =:o}
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What do you want in a con programme book? [Jan. 7th, 2010|11:12 am]
Discussion of the Current, future and past UK filk

I'm curious. What do people actually want in a con programme book? Do they actually want the programme book at all, or is the only part they want the programme itself?

I've seen a filkcon which only did the latter, had one folded sheet with the programme and nothing else (it may also have had a small plan of the hotel). I don't remember anyone complaining about it. On the other hand some have a full booklet of stuff. My impression is that most programme books get thrown away after the con, or build up in a desk or cupboard and get thrown away years later.

So what, out of the following, do people actually want, in addition to a separate pocket programme guide?

* Membership list.
* Bios of the guests.
* Bios of the concom.
* Full descriptions of programme items.
* Plan of the hotel layout.
* Where to eat.

Anything else?
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