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Discussion of the Current, future and past UK filk

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QuarterTONe sets [Oct. 28th, 2012|08:58 pm]
Discussion of the Current, future and past UK filk

I have, this evening, emailed everyone who has asked for a set at QuarterTONe. If you think you've asked for a set and havn't received an email from me then please contact me directly, soon.
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Quarter Tone PR1 is on its way... [Aug. 19th, 2012|10:09 pm]
Discussion of the Current, future and past UK filk

QuarterTone's first PR is on its way.

If you've already joined the convention then you should receive it soon (if you havn't received it already).

If you've not yet joined QuarterTone, you'll find things like membership forms on the convention's website.

If you think you've joined QuarterTone but you don't receive PR1 fairly soon (depending on delivery method, of course — please check it hasn't been mis-directed into a spam box) then please contact us. A contact email address is on almost every page of the convention's website.
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Duple Time Weather [Feb. 1st, 2012|05:30 pm]
Discussion of the Current, future and past UK filk

The weather for Grantham this weekend is forecast to be cold and cloudy with temperatures hovering around zero degrees C. There is a low probability of snow on Saturday.

So, it looks ok for travel - but bring warm clothes - layers are probably best.
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Duple Time [Dec. 5th, 2011|05:47 pm]
Discussion of the Current, future and past UK filk

I am posting in my new role as ConCom Co-ordinator to remind you that the time for asking for a programme slot has ended.

There are only 26 days left for you to get your hotel request form in. *If at all possible*, please do this online as it goes straight on to the database.

If you haven't paid yet, please send your dues to Soir. At the moment we are looking as though we might break even, but we might not.

The ConCom has been expanded to handle the jobs Keris was going to do. We now have:
Mike Whittaker - Hotel Liason and Guest Liason.
Rika - Programming
Paul Bristow - Programming and related duties.

Simon and Deborah are seeing to Tech, with the help of Keris' equipment!

Any problems, please email c24@contabile.org.uk

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New song: The Changes [Nov. 3rd, 2011|12:55 pm]
Discussion of the Current, future and past UK filk

Inspired by hearing talis_kimberley on the radio yesterday, I composed a new filk song about classic British children's television science fiction and the experience of being a teenager who's different. I've put a (new improved) vocal recording and the lyrics on Band Camp here:

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Duple Time PR2 is out [Nov. 1st, 2011|11:11 pm]
Discussion of the Current, future and past UK filk

Duple Time PR2 has been emailed. Those who requested snail mail will be later -- I won't be able to print out the hard copy until the weekend, and then I'll have to put it in envelopes etc. and get it mailed, which won't be until the Monday following at earliest.

If you think you have joined, and haven't had the emailed PR when you requested one, please contact the concom at c24@contabile.org.uk (or me directly). If you haven't joined yet, then that's why you didn't get one. If you see that there is an error in your hotel booking, or a query (or indeed in other things, like if we've got your badge name wrong), please contact us with the updated information.

Please check these carefully. They include statements of whether you have booked a hotel room, with whom you are sharing (if anyone), and your badge name and number.

Note that hotel bookings are now open, the forms are on the website (http://www.contabile.org.uk) under both Publications and Hotel, please use the online form if you can (again, snail mail is slower, get picked up infrequently, and sometimes gets lots or mis-delivered).

I intend to send out another set of hotel booking confirmations (and if you haven't booked) near the end of the month and again before Christmas, remember that the hotel booking has to be in by the end of December because the list has to be worked out and the information given to the hotel.

There is still space on the programme, so please make programme requests. Again, please use the online form. Closing date is November 31st.

And we'd still appreciate volunteers, especially for the reception desk.

Incidentally, if there are any bids for the following filkcon, number 25 in 2013, we'd like to hear about them. If only so that we actually schedule a bidding session...


Chris C (Duple Time con chair and almost everything else)
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Duties change [Oct. 29th, 2011|08:41 pm]
Discussion of the Current, future and past UK filk

I think it is only fair to Keris to tell you all that I have had to drop out of doing publications because of bad health. This means that Keris is virtually running things at this time single handed. Soir is, thank goodness, still being Treasurer.

I am still Official Nagger and will continue to function in this role right the way through the convention itself. :)

I hope to take my share of the work at the Con.

Please support Keris by getting paperwork etc. in on time.

Hilary Ann
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Footloose Filker 2012 - Announcement [Oct. 4th, 2011|08:06 pm]
Discussion of the Current, future and past UK filk

The UK Filk Fund (FF) committee have again decided that it would be a
good idea if some of the upcoming talented European Filkers were able to
come to the British Filk Convention so that they could benefit from
exposure to the wider circle of filkers present at the UK con and also
for UK filk fandom to get to meet some of the newer talent coming out of

To make this possible The FF offers a grant/bursary to one or two such
"Footloose Filkers" as such are identified and decided upon by the FF
committee. The grant is intended to cover part of the cost of travel to
the convention and the majority of the accommodation costs.
Next years convention organising committee have also allocated a free
membership and a short performance spot as part of the award.

Footloose Filkers will *not* be guests of the convention, rather they
will be there to learn more about filking and to gain experience in a
convention environment that is different from their home convention.

For the 24th British Filk Convention (Duple Time) to be held in Grantham
from February 3rd to 5th 2012 we are pleased to announce that Sebastian
Kinder has been invited to be our "Footloose Filker".

Sebastian says about himself:

"I am a 17 year old guy, a filker and roleplayer, from Bielefeld in
Germany. I am a little crazy, music is an important part of my life and
that's all 'cause of my parents (thank you!). Ah! and I like cookies and

We hope you will enjoy meeting and listening to him and we look forward
to seeing Sebastian at Duple Time.

For the FF Committee
Lissa Allcock & Colin Tuckley
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